Recent Entries for Picturecompete’s contest “Aging”

While I didn’t win this contest, the sponsors were generous in sharing the “Ann’s Hand” image as well as a link to this blog on their Facebook page. None of the winners of the contest really resonated with me– it was still useful to enter and get feedback…


The gent in the middle is my late father in law- he was, in his youth, a true SOB, though he softened into a gentle old man as he aged. I think here, his eyes show the fire of his youth even if his face (and his eyebrows) have moved on


The hand and the other face are of my friend Ann who is 92 years old. I met her on a writing workshop in Montana last summer– she had just come back from a semester at sea. Wonderful woman…

One thought on “Recent Entries for Picturecompete’s contest “Aging”

  1. Lives lived with no glossy plastic veneers. It appears you captured their many twists and turns, and forging fires. Striking images!

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