Poems From Retreat – Shambhala Mountain Center July 2014, Part II

worthy of trees












they say that trees speak

to one another, sharing food


and energy, life,

a manner of teaching;


that there are mother trees

who pass the last

of their richness to their children

as they die.



is deep speech,


unfathomable speech,

the speech of darkness


of water, wood

and of stone.


stand at the foot

of a thousand year pine


and listen to the wind

as it sings this tree.


then close your eyes

and open your mouth-


ask of the wind

to sing into you.


enter the grove at morning

before the heat of the sun


mutes the day — the ancient ones

still speak, still sing


in birds and wind,

in shadows, leaves


and rain. this was once

your speech,


is still

your speech.


enter the grove at morning,

before the heat of the sun


mutes the day — feel

the deep green speech


of this world — pray

once again to be worthy


of trees.



© oldbonesnewsnow.com/J.A. Fink