your feet know this

we are meant to embody this world

completely. to be cried by rain

breathed by wind. your feet

know this.


tear yourself from your ledgers,

the pale yellow columns

of figures, the harsh


of decimals.


come walk with those who move

among mountains.

pointless, meaningless

and full.


we’ll dance atop the stones like a stone

skips across the water—stop

and listen—air and water

are your very voice

and blood.


what else

could they be?


step upon a rock and feel your own

resistance; step upon the soil

and feel your life



place your heart in your feet, ask them

to guide you. take off your shoes

and feel your toes caressing

the luscious face

of the earth.


her pain is your pain, her joy

your joy—

what else

could they be?


come, walk with those who move among mountains.

come walk your way back into your life,

come breathe yourself complete

and sleep the sleep of stars


pointless, meaningless

and full.


© J.A. Fink 2013

Trek’s End

just finished a long walk around monte rosa in the swiss/italian alps.  after ten days of intense activity and massive sensory input, there was a real decompression. summer is drawing down. back in my own mountains, there’s a subtle change in the air. winter won’t be long now.

this is a small piece- more to come in days to come


Trek’s end

sitting in a park

in the sun, agenda-less

like an old man

beyond usefulness.

a world away

my black dog

twitches in his sleep

dreaming me dead

while the earth

turns her face from the sun

rolling slowly over

into winter

© J.A. Fink 2013