Trekking Wild Puma in Patagonia

Last month, as part of a trip to Chilean Patagonia and Antarctica, we had the extraordinary opportunity to trek wild Pumas on some private land adjacent to Torres Del Paine National Park. We were led by a terrific guide and photographer, Rodrigo Moraga (

All of this organized superbly as always by Epic Private Journeys –

Over two days, we were up close and personal with six individual cats. On the first morning, we walked with Sol, pictured above, and her cub (who is too young to command a name from the local guides.)

In the afternoon, we came across Ginger (below,) a solitary female with a brand new cut on her face from an altercation, probably with another female over territory.

On the second day, we joined Sol, her cub and another female, Petaka, and her two cubs as they fed slept and groomed each other over a Guanaco carcass that Sol had brought down overnight.

It’s not always pretty to see these sizable cats (approximately 60 kilos per adult female, more for the males) tear apart a rapidly spoiling carcass! Nature red in tooth and claw!

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