Why a Flower?

if Valentines day was a life and not a day….


because of its speechless improbability

this miracle of green emerging soft

so shyly from the damp dark


because it feeds equally on sun and rain

relishing both always reaching

to unite heaven and earth


beacause of is powers of alchemy

transmuting the rot of all passing things

into colors beyond imagination


because when the last color falls

and the stems begin to bend in mourning

the perfume will still fill the room


the sweetness of spring will still linger

on the gardeners’ fingers



© Old Bones, New Snow J.A. Fink

5 thoughts on “Why a Flower?

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  2. Jeff, I connected this poem to your images of Anna. “Why” is the underlying question for all life. For me, you’ve given some glimpses into “why” in your poem. In the first stanza and last, I substituted “because” with “be”. The middle two I read as “cause”. It was fun to explore your writing in this vein, and see that ” the sweetness of spring will still linger on (Anna’s) fingers.” Thank you for sharing your thought textures in images and words.

  3. jeffrey hope all is OK out your way. we still need to hit tahoe slopes, already cancelled on trip due to lack of snow. try again in march. we also bit the bullet and have moved to 3920 N LSD. small 15 story co-op built in 1929.

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    take care b

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  4. Beautiful , per usual. Have been in a slump and can’t seem to get the pen to move!

    Will you be attending Sacred World Assembly or have to completed that?

    Paula Bass

    • Thanks Paula- I’m planning on going to SWA, though as usual, I’m wavering (“is this the right path, etc, etc…) Seems to be part of my processing system. You going?

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