Ordinary Magic


shortly after the apple

the labeling began, all the

this and that, the these

and those, all the ins

and outs – who decides?

this discriminating mind

as useful and as dangerous

as a knife –what makes one

bloom a flower and the next

a weed? here is a power

beyond all words– choose

to suspend judgment for even

one day, and suddenly it’s

no weeds, it’s all flowers

it’s ordinary magic

blooming everywhere

© J.A. Fink, June 2013


2 thoughts on “Ordinary Magic

  1. J great thoughts and pics. i could send you some nice pics; however, don’t think, at least at this stage have the thoughts to match your. i like its “all flowers”- so true, what really makes a weed and weed. has to be a flower to some, even me at times. in fact recently read an article stating just that cheers b

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