On a recent African trip, we spent time at the Kigali Genocide Memorial in Kigali, Rwanda. A profoundly disturbing place, the Memorial commemorates the Rwandan genocide which was launched some twenty-five years ago. They say that over one million men, women and children died, and that as as many as 250,000 are buried on the site of the Memorial. Bewildered, overcome and overwhelmed, I stepped outside into the garden and sat, eyes closed. I simply tried to feel the energy of the place. Below is the piece that emerged….





the birds fed here

and the dogs — there are always

dogs. the dirt aches, an endless low

moan. someone laughs, but the ache

continues. the shadows here

taste like salt


the souls of the children

hide in the trees, watching

they do not laugh, will never

laugh. silent and alone

they wait for rain




note- the image above is a photo of a piece by Daniel Arsham on exhibit in the Moco Museum, Amsterdam in September, 2019.



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3 thoughts on “remember

  1. touching Jeff; cannot imagine the terror b

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  2. Love the image and the emotions.

    How easily we forget the all too frequent ruthless hearts among us, an under certain circumstances, within us. We need these reminders. Thank you for remembering to take us with you.

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