Five Dogs In

On a somewhat friendlier note (than Suicidal manikins…)

A Bodhisattva is an awakened being who chooses to return to this suffering world again and again, until all of the numberless sentient beings have awakened. This can take many forms, from reincarnation in the Hell Realm (as Avalokiteshvara, the Bodhisattva of compassion, attempted causing his head to explode into a thousand pieces) to great teachers in this human realm, to the sweetness of a truly good dog.



black dog, brown eyes

action jackson, yes?











Five Dogs In

each of my dogs has taught me

how to be better to the next


five dogs in – finally gentled




sleeping dog, early morning

abby, early morning 2012













in the evening after the heat

has broken and the dishes are done

the air in the house goes silver –

late day light filtering in

my dog and I like to sit in that light

and listen to the world as it cools




he looks up and catches me

watching him sleep




we hold each other’s stare

as if either of us looking away

just might shatter








every day is ripe

for something for a coming into

in its own way


most days I miss

this imposing my own urgency

pushing like one


born late

but every now and again causes

and conditions conspire


and I still–

against the better judgment

of my petty voices


I sit

and watch as the day becomes

the day listen


for the wisdom

of the wind in the trees watch

the black


dog sleeping

on the porch breathing in

the sun



© J.A. Fink  2013