alone in the dark



alone in the dark


alone in the dark, waiting for the moon.

tonight, she leans in close

carefully parting the clouds, and says here,

hold this, I’ve brought you a small piece

of the sun as comfort against the night.


trust the light, she says, trust this moon

and these transcendent stars.

trust the return of the sun and the coming of dawn.

trust in the eventual dissolution of despair,

and the inevitable reawakening

of your own vast and radiant human heart.


© 2020 jafink/






when the dark clouds of December

press this thin light hard

against harder snows

it’s easy to believe that darkness

might descend and never leave.


the grandfathers made sacrifice

to the night, raised great stones

in great circles to gauge

the weakened light, to solicit

a resurrection- a harbinger star


calling kings and thieves to a promise

that in each of us lies a place

that has never been wounded, never

harmed, has never been beaten, never

branded by the white hot irons

of insufficiency. the sun pauses


for a son, while the cosmos slow

into equipoise. give praise, give praise

let us raise our voices to the heavens

let us light the pyres of winter, and attend

to the sacrifice, let us bow in supplication


that light might yet arise

from this black fabric of darkness,

that these stars might finally draw us home again

on this, the very darkest night of the world.


© 2016 jafink/