green eyes old bones







didn’t we kiss for the first time

yesterday, on this too brief passage

through the invisible gardens

of time? the dogwoods


by the old dutch church drop all

of their flowers at once, blanketing


the ancient graves with white

for a single day each year. memory


is all the immortality we’re offered.

this, at least, we must promise one another –

me, I vow never to forget your eyes,

and you, you my love

must always remember my hands.




3 thoughts on “Memory

  1. This will always be my favorite poem and image. Your memory is permeated with such love and tenderness that it asks the question of every reader, “What is that you promise to remember about your loved one?” This poem started a discussion in our home. I was promised a love poem after 35 years of marriage 🙂 !! Instead, I think it will be the finished song that began on my wedding day.

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